About Goodbyes

I don’t regret not having a proper “airport goodbye”. Although I wouldn’t be seeing my friends and family for a year, there were no tears shed. Not everyone was present. No last quips were shared.

To expect all your emotion to culminate in a tidy farewell is frankly, unrealistic. Farewells are not necessarily filled with emotion, and let’s face it: seeing someone walk through security is not exactly tear-jerking.

Sometimes I think goodbyes are awkward. It’s hard to express how deeply you will miss someone without appearing too attached. Maybe you have to say goodbye to someone you won’t see for a month, a year, or longer. How long of a hug do you give? What if neither of you are huggers, do you just wave?

I am beginning to appreciate small gestures. That “bon voyage” text message timed right before your flight shows that someone remembered your flight time, picked up their phone, and thought to wish you well. If you miss someone, let them know and think of them during your day. Message them. Call them. Talk to them.