Backpacking to South East Asia as sheltered Canadian

I think I’ve finally found a niche – a travel blog about sheltered individuals who don’t know the first thing about travelling. Don’t expect advice from a seasoned backpacker on this blog, because you’ll be in for a surprise when you end up in Laos trying to get to Vietnam by following our advice.

One common theme I’ve noticed while reading travel blogs is that the blogs often cater to travellers – people who already know what they’re doing, but perhaps need a crash course for a particular country. These blogs are absolutely great resources for any trip, but I’m sure you also want to read about people getting scammed, lost, and sick, right?

If you’re a slow-moving North American whose idea of danger is crossing an intersection when the orange hand is blinking, I hope reading about my adventures will inspire you to travel the world, or at least provide some form of entertainment.

For those reading this blog who are about to head off to a trip of your own – great! Let’s experience this amazing world together and learn along the way. You’d better enjoy this blog before I become that seasoned traveller.