Sunrise at Mui Ne Sand Dunes

Still groggy, we shuffled our feet towards the Jeeps parked at our hostel entrance. Why did we wake up at 4:30am for a tour? Well, we were told we could catch the beautiful sunrise from the White Sand Dunes. Hopefully it’s worth it!

The tour was booked from our hostel and cost just $5 USD per person which includes transportation to all these locations:

  • White Sand Dunes
  • Red Sand Dunes
  • Fishing Village
  • Fairy Stream

White Sand Dunes

With an hour to roam free, we immediately headed to the highest dune we could find. Save for some gecko tracks, the dune surfaces were unmarred.


There it is!
Off to our next destination in these menacing Jeeps.

The Red Sand Dunes are much smaller than the White counterpart and are easier to climb. The sand was more of a gold than red although I could imagine it appearing red during sunrise.

Desert tofu for sale (豆腐花/doufufaa).
Desert tofu for sale (豆腐花/doufufaa).
Desert tofu for sale (豆腐花/doufufaa).

Fishing Village

You might miss the Fishing Village if you are driving because it is located below an embankment on the shoreside.

Just peeking over the edge floods your senses with colour. The sea is speckled with colourful fishing boats.


The sea is speckled with fishing boats.
Locals sorting and selling the catch of the day.

Fairy Stream

I had no clue what “Fairy Stream” was before this tour so I assumed it was a lame tourist trap with a funny name. But it turned out to be my favourite attraction in Mui Ne.

Fairy Stream is a limestone formation with red sand and a warm stream running along the base.

You will want to take off your shoes because you will be walking through a stream that can reach up to your ankles. The silty sand runs off your feet and your footprints are erased by the gentle stream with every step.

If you wish you can pay a small fee to let a shop hold onto your shoes.


Lazy Day

We pretty much visited the main attractions of Mui Ne in the span of a few hours so retired back to our hostel and enjoyed resting by the pools and trying to catch up on the blog.