Travel Packing for Extreme Perspirers

This may sound like a silly topic, but it’s a very real problem!

For those who’ve travelled with me, you know the confused feeling of turning around and wondering how I managed to take a shower outside of the hotel.

Don’t let the fear of perspiration prevent you from traveling to hot and humid countries! These tips won’t fix the sweat issue, but at least you’ll can travel more comfortably.

Bring a quick-dry towel

You will be wet as a dog, but at least you can pat yourself down before entering an air-conditioned mall and look less pathetic. You can also visit the washroom and give yourself a nice wipe down with cool water.

Wear a hat

A hat shields you from the sun and allows you to tuck those sweaty, greasy bangs under it.

Bring a fan

This could be an electric one, but I prefer a hand fan because it is quieter, lighter, and feels less obnoxious for some reason.

Bring a bag for carrying water

In a hot country, you will notice that you can drink liters of water without needing to use the bathroom. This shows how much water is lost through perspiration. Stay alert and hydrated by always carrying bottles of water.

Use deodorant or anti-perspirant

Some of us are lucky enough to smell naturally pleasant, but for the rest of us you should probably use under-arm products even when not traveling. When backpacking, deodorant or anti-perspiring is a must.

Sometimes plans change and you can’t fit a laundry cycle into your schedule before the next night bus. Your clothes will still feel sticky, but with deodorant, at least you don’t have to smell yourself all day.

Did I miss anything? Please let me know how you cope with sweating while traveling!