My name is Lawrence I'm an experience designer

Interface Design

Youtube video page redesign

Youtube redesign concept

My redesign of the Youtube video page aims to fix the problem of competing content on the video page. I also wanted to emphasize the social aspect of youtube and put the comments right beside the video to afford synchronous consumption. The distracting related video thumbnails are now placed below the main video and are dimmed until the video is over or paused.

The subscribe button is now consolidated with the video maker's profile picture and visual cues are given when the image is hovered over. When the user firsts uses the interface they will be prompted with a tooltip to demonstrate how to subscribe.

The comments sections are streamlined by removing the reply and like/dislike buttons under every comment, which were distracting. Now, they only appear when the mouse is over the content. Usernames in the comments were previously coloured blue to show "clickability" which is unnecessary and inconsistent considering the titles of the related videos on the right only turn blue when hovered over. As more people are familiar with the internet it is becoming less and less necessary to explicitly denote what is clickable and what is not. Lastly, the old design's emphasis on the view count may also skew subsequent user ratings so it is now smaller and to the side which is less attention-grabbing.

Youtube old design

What I Learned


How many things do we just accept because "that's just the way things are"? This simple page redesign exercise made me reflect on how fast the web is evolving and question the extent to which we adhere to the old conventions of web design.

Is underlining a link and making it a different colour really the best way to dermarcate a hyperlink? Or is it just a visual speed bump within the main content? Is it necessary to tell the user every comment on the page can be rated or responded to? Or should we encourage self discovery and not assume every user is a first time user?

Personally, I think the earlier we ditch the old concepts (with careful consideration and reason of course) the more beautiful and intuitive our interfaces can become.

Memory Capsule

Memory Capsule is an online photo sharing website. Unlike other online photo storage sites, Memory Capsule emphasizes the sentimental value of each photo and the anticipation of new photos. Our site is more personal and ideal for sharing between two people.

To use Memory Capsule, the user uploads photos, adds a description, and chooses a sometime in the future when it is to be unlocked. The user then can share the photo album to a loved one who will be able to see photos spread out on a tangible interace. There is a visual countdown to when the photo is able to be accessed. Our site aims to be a personal experience similar to when one discovers previously unseen family photos.

Memory Capsule interface