My name is Lawrence I'm an experience designer

3D Modelling

In my first Solidworks attempt, I dimensioned and drafted the parts of a can opener before replicating them in Solidworks. The parts were mated with angle limits to recreate an accurate representation of the real-life object. I also experimented with part configurations to make multiple assemblies. Lighting and renders done in Photoview 360.

What I Learned


When when you are measuring an object with many shapes, corner radii, and chamfers with a metal ruler from Staples, it's easy to be off by a millimeter or two. This is a problem when working with programs such as Solidworks which relies on measurements relative to other measurements to produce a model. If one measurement is off, Solidworks may not be able to mate certain parts together. Good thing I was accurate in early measurements and could easily remeasure the few parts where I had gone wrong.